Bar Council Annual Report 2016-17

Aim 8 - Appointments protocol

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Appointments protocol

An appointments protocol was introduced in March and updated in May 2016. It sets out the process when the Bar Council is invited or wishes to nominate, appoint or re-appoint individuals to take up positions in external organisations; for example, as trustees or council members. Administered by the Bar Council’s Head of Governance, the protocol aims to ensure that appointments are fair, transparent, based on merit, and not unlimited in terms of time. All positions are advertised widely to the profession, in order to attract a strong and diverse array of candidates. The Chair of the Bar convenes a selection panel to choose a preferred candidate for approval by the General Management Committee (GMC).

During 2016/17, a number of appointments were made under the Protocol, including the following positions:

  • Advisory Panel Member for the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies’ Legal Records at Risk Project
  • ICBET Trustee, and
  • An ICLR Bar Council Representative

Nominated persons are asked to report to Bar Council on an annual basis.

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